Moving from Facebook profile to Business page

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Moving from Facebook profile to Business page


In the course of my travels visiting different dive centres around the regions, I often notice that many still use a Facebook profile for their business.   Now not only is this against Facebook terms and conditions and potentially you stand to loose all your contacts if Facebook delete the profile.  I’ve seen it happen, a profile with 2000+ friends gone – and you’ll get no response from Facebook.

Plus a Page has so much more to offer including different features for organizations, businesses, public figures, brands and organizations. You’ll get insights reports which help you see your Fan demographics, when they are on line and when its best to post.   You can also set up events, adverts, create custom tabs and importantly you can make your staff admins on the page, when you may not want to give them access to your personal profile!

So if you have a profile that you use solely for business then you can simply and quickly convert this to a page with the following instructions:

1. To make sure you don’t lose any content or information first of all download all you content.  You can find simply instructions on how to do this on the Facebook help pages. This is important as the process only migrates your current profile picture and adds your friends and followers as likes on the new Page. Your account’s username will become the username for your Page, and the name associated with your personal account will become your Page’s name.  You may also transfer over any photos.  The downloaded information will act as a back up in case you need it.

2. If you profile is the admin of any groups, you will need to appoint another profile as admin.

3. You’re now ready to migrate to a page, click on this link to start

4. Once you have completed the process of migrating, then I would suggest that you start by adding additional admins to your page. There are different levels of admin and if adding shop staff you can add them as Content Creator level so they can’t change any settings.

Now you’re ready to take full advantage of the marketing possibilities Facebook presents your business

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