ScubaEarth™ Spotlight: Content Sharing

Originally post on May 27, 2013 by

ScubaEarth™ Spotlight: Content Sharing

You can use ScubaEarth to help grow your customer base and build camaraderie by sharing content that generates enthusiasm and excitement.

One of the best ways to do this is to share the things you’re doing on a regular basis, such as uploading photos from your recent dives or courses.

ScubaEarth how to upload video

Videos are another great way to attract people to your profile. Sharing a video from your recent underwater cleanup, for example, shows how you’re working to make a difference. These videos help generate conversations, and they may inspire others to get involved as well. You can also associate videos with a dive site, which links back to your profile.

If you haven’t created your ScubaEarth profile yet, do so by logging in to the PADI Pros’ Site and clicking on the SE icon. Start sharing your love of diving—and content—today.

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