The planet is 2/3 water

We often hear that the planet is 2/3s water, or the slightly rounded up 70% water.  But actually if you research the numbers a bit more, then we find that salt water makes up 71% alone.   That leaves all the worlds fresh water to be added as well.   With fresh water it is a bit more complicated, a lot of the worlds Fresh water is locked up as ice, a bit to solid to dive!    Scientists think that fresh water in all forms makes with 2.5% of all the water on our planet.

So all this means that at least 72.5% of the planet must be divable!  Now compare that to the solid parts of the world, how many humans have been nearly over every bit of Terra Firma?  Now think how many humans have explored the 72.5% fully, particulay below the surface?

This is why we dive!

Anyway here is the same argument  in a cool little video:

Get out and Dive!

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