Instant Messaging the future of Marketing?

Facebook recently made an admission that we all knew to be happening anyway.  That the number of daily teen users had decreased.  Thats right, the very users that most people think are Facebook users are not using it as much.  Now I’m not forseeing the imminent demise of Facebook or advocating companies abandon it.  But what I do see is the movement of core demographics, the ones important to marketers, millennials and more so the post-millennials.  The trailblazers of new trends we marketers should and need to follow.

Where are they heading?  instant messaging! amoung others WhatsApp and Snapchat in the West.    Why are they leaving Facebook?   Well theres probably a number of reasons even beyound the much quoted effect of teens not finding it cool to be on the same platform as their parents or even granparents.  First up mobile is the future and we all know how truely terrible Facebooks App updates and Messanger App can be, turn off number 2.   Then we have turn off 3 – privacy, while a lot of the teen user group have no real issue with over sharing, there is a growing awareness that some things need to be private amoung real firends.  Things that parents, teachers, older siblings or future employers should never see.  Check out the ubiquitous Selfie, often shared with close friends via messaging or via photo services like instagram.   Remember most instant message Apps require you to know the other persons phone number, how many of your Facebook freinds can you say that of? Turn off 4 Advertising, instant messaging is largely an advert free environment.

So what does this mean to my business, well for sure instant messaging will need to start to play a role both in Marketing and Customer service.  If you advertise your business mobile number, then go that extra step and add a contact us on WhatsApp.   There are already companys doing cool marketing and contests via snapchat.

As a final thought, WhatsApp has more active users then Twitter, now compare your businesses WhatsApp support to ts Twitter.  Do I hear you saying massive gap and Opporuntiy?



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