What did you search for in 2013

Google has just released this years Zeitgeist.  For those that don’t know every year Google complies what was big on the web in terms of what we actually searched for.

You can jump directly to Google Zeitgeist 2013

It always brings up some interesting local and global trends.  A lot are based around whats happening in the world at a given time, Future kings born, Civil wars, Famous deaths or sporting events both triumphs and failures.   2013 is not exception.

So globaly Paul Walker star of films with fast brightly coloured cars is only out searched by the death of Nelson Mandela.

What I find very interesting is the top 10 search terms:    (in the UK)

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Google
  4. Hotmail
  5. Ebay
  6. BBC News
  7. Amazon
  8. Daily Mail
  9. Argos
  10. Yahoo

Every single one is a brand that you can easily work out the URL for, Facebook for example, I just need to type “Fa” into my address bar and it appears.   Does this mean brand visability is low or top level domains are not branded correctly?   No  its one of those amazingly simple facts about our internet usuage.  We type everything into Google, even if we know the domain or not.   I’m sure we’d all swear its much quicker as well – and thats the fact we need to face.  Users navigate the web different to how we may want them too and this has bearings on our SEO and more importantly on our User Interface and calls to action.

Google trends and its yearly Zeitgeist is a great insight into how we use the web, after all we are all Googlers just like our customers.

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