Boost your Facebook page likes quickly and simply

For any business getting your marketing message out to as many people as possible is of vital importance, after all these could be your future customers.  As a business using Facebook you probably want to increase your likes, in fact its one of the most frequent questions I get asked the most by business owners.   Now I can talk all day about engagement and reach strategies, but this article is about a simple and quick method to boost your likes – Now.

Boosting Facebook likes with Contact lists

So every Business that I speak to has an email list, and this is what we are going to use to boost your likes.  Facebook has a build Audience function that allows us to upload email addresses if a our page has under 5,000 likes.   As long as the email address on the file matches the email address used to sign up to Facebook then the Facebook user will either receive and email or see a small ad in the suggested pages section promoting your page.   Yes its that simple.   It takes maybe 10mins if that, and the beauty is that as they are already on your opt in mailing list then its okay to use this method.  Obviously only ever use data that you have consent to contact, which is why mailing lists are so good to use.   I’ve uploaded a 3000 member mailing list for a Dive Center and gained 80 new likes in 24hours – for 2mins work and no cost.

6 Steps to more Facebook likes

1. Create a CSV file of all your email addresses and save it to your desktop

2. Go to your Facebook Page from the top right of the admin panel click Build Audience. (Remember only pages with under 5,000 likes)

boost your facebook likes

3. Select invite email contacts

boost your facebook likes

4. You now have a whole list of options, but in this case we select upload contact list (a maxium of 5,000 contacts is allowed)

boost your facebook likes

5. Choose the file from your desktop, and make sure all are selected in the invite box (also make sure the correct language is selected if uploaded more than one file for PADI resorts with multiple lists for instance)

boost your facebook likes

6. Click Preview and check that all is correct, then check the confirm box and then hit send.

boost your facebook likes

Now you should see some additional likes coming in for minimal or no effort.  The only other thing I would add is that you make sure before sending this out that you  have a few interesting posts on your page so the users see its worth liking the page.

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