10 content ideas for email newsletters

As a Dive centre or particulary a resort one of the best ways to keep your customer relationships going is via email.   Hopefully you have already read my article about email content creations tips or you just want to get right in and start creating a newsletter for your store. To get you started I have 10 content ideas for a Dive centre to us and expand on.  These are not set in stone and can be used in any combination or amended as appropiate, but I hope they give you an idea of what kind content you could very easily be creating.

10 email content ideas to get you started

1. Showcase your employees
What are their certification levels, favourite products, dive locations or top tips for diving or shop products?

E.g. Which Dive computers do our counter staff use? Or Where did our instructor first certify?

2. Showcase readers
Got regular customers or dive club members using your products or taking part in your courses\events? What do they think?

E.g. My experience learning to dive with XYZ or Getting the more bottom time with my new XYZ wrist computer

3. Showcase resources
What other sites or tools would readers find useful? any new books or training materials released? Diving related phone APPs? Any reviews or trip reports on Dive spots?

E.g. Link to download free RDP app or New PADI encyclopaedia

4. Reviews
Simple. Reviews by you or your customers of products and services.

E.g. Our customers rate XYZ Masks

5. Be a futurist.
Make a prediction, how might things change over the next decade. Gear, training or Diving itself. This is also a great way to engage with customers on Discussion forums or social media. i.e. Tell us what you think plus a link to a Facebook poll.

E.g. Diving in 2020 or Full face masks the future of recreational diving.

6. Be a story teller.
We all have amusing or insightful Dive related stories or anecdotes think about the ‘And finally…’ sections on news bulletins. These add a bit of fun and a human touch.
Or if a story inspires you, then it will certainly inspire others.

E.g. How not to fill a tank or my first encounter with a shark or man overboard!

7. Share tips, solutions or how to advice.
You can offer advice and tips in 3 distinct areas:
i. Shopping and post sales experience
E.g. Should you buy a Wet or Dry suit or When is it time to replace your BCD

ii. Using a product or service:

E.g. How do I install the latest firmware on my Dive computer or what do you learn on XYZ specialty course

iii. Wider issues in Diving:
E.g. Project AWARE, tidy ups, Travel advice

8. Educate
Explain a Dive or product related concept or insider term.

e.g. What is a Jon Line or Hydrostatic testing what and why

9. Polls, surveys, feedback, reviews, competitions
Get your readers involved in Polls or surveys. Offer an incentive for participation. You can even use the results as content for future emails.

E.g. Drysuit vs Wetsuit or Mares vs Scubapro

Get readers to submit photos, videos, tips, product reviews, website reviews and use these as content. Offer a prize for contributors whose material gets used.
You can also encourage interaction with quizzes and competitions:

E.g. Submit your summer Dive photos and win 5 free refills or How well do you know your tables, take the quiz.

Read more about Facebook contests

10. Online events
Hold online events, like a webinar or Facebook Q&A with someone from behind the scenes

E.g. Join a live chat with a Mares Rep or Your questions on gear servicing answered by our technical expert.
**Remember to gain permission before quoting or using any customer’s material unless it was expressly submitted for use.   Consider adding a photo release form to your course sign up documents.

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