Pinterest surprises in SEO signals

Recently I stumbled on an interesting graph from Search Metrics that made me think about some of the advice I was giving out for SEO.


Now at the top of this chart of what essentially a break down of what gives you the most SEO juice, we see Social Media signals continue to rank highly.

Facebook Still Rules

With 4 markers in the top 10 Facebook is still king of social when it comes to link placement.  Though I now also see two points of interest that are important for anyone with a link strategy in place.   The first and the most obvious given that Google is in charge is that Google +1 comes out at top of the list.  Theres nothing like pushing your own products Google!  Flippancy aside, its still important to note, as having a Google+ presence  (maybe I should say active presence) either as an individual or business is still pretty rare.  Until recently when I have been asked if a business should be on Google+ I have only really responded that its for businesses that want to go that extra digital mile.  Mainly as the setup and linking to other Google Products like Google Local and Youtube can be quite daunting and frustrating for small businesses.  Now with this clear signal that the SEO worth is so considerable I have changed my advice to Yes! Yes! Yes!  Google+ needs to be a integrale part of your digital strategy now.  Googles making it harder and harder to ignore.

The 2nd surprise for me was that Pinterest actually appears above Twitter, even if ever so slightly.  Are you investing time in Twitter yes for SEO purposes? Have you got Pinterest boards?  Probably not.  Now I’m not saying to divest time spent on Twitter for Pinterest.  But I am saying that time needs to be spent on Pinterest.  I’ve started to use Pinterest a lot more to push traffic be it human or spiders back to my web domains.  Its not just about curating other peoples content but its also about creating your own.  For an idea of how you can leverage the SEO juice of Pinterest check  one of my pins:

So happy pinning!


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