Social Media Usage – Are you using Youtube?

In a previous article I looked at the a graph showing the value certain of SEO markers as Social Media ranked highly, I though I’d use this article to show another graph.  This time showing global account penetration of various Social Media.

social media account penetration

So at this point I’m hoping all you small business owners are looking at the graph and assessing on which platform your sales and marketing efforts are focused on.  Now if you are a small business that still doesn’t have a Facebook page, then its high time you created one!

Now nearly all small businesses I have worked with have at least one or two of these platforms in their marketing mix.  In fact I can guarantee depending where they are located most will have Facebook and Twitter presences.  But take a moment and look at the graph again.  Youtube.  Does your business have its own Youtube channel?  I mean a proper business channel and not one thats a personal account that posts videos on your behalf.

Reasons to Youtube

Not only can you see on the graph that its 2nd only to Facebook but here are some reasons I think you need to have a Youtube Strategy for your business.

  1. Search – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world! and its owned by Google. Not only does this mean that Youtube is a better choice as a video hosting platform then many others.
  2. Millions of Users/Views – Youtube has over 800 million unique users a month and 4 billion hours of video are watched a each day.  Tap this market!
  3. Educate, inform and build Authority – Its not just commercials, you can introduce products or services engage your customers and create a buzz around your brand with content that can help set you apart form your competitions and have more value then pure commercials.
  4. Create sales – Link back to the relevant landing pages on your website within the description of the video
  5. Feedback – The infamous Youtube comments!  You can get direct feedback from your customers be it good or bad.
  6. Its Free – Always my favourite attribute for small businesses.  Also making videos with todays HD video recording smart phones or cheap GoPros it fairly cheap and easy.

So don’t let the potential opportunity of Youtube pass you by.  Check out some more Youtube usage statistics.  If you are a PADI dive centre then find out how you can use PADI Youtube channels to help your marketing

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