How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

You’ve published your blog article and now what, wait for the readers to find you?

If thats your approach then you will probably be struggling to catch the attention of any readers.   No readers equals no sales opportunity, and this is after all why we as businesses are blogging.

You probably put a lot of effort into writing the post and yet the biggest mistake is not to follow this up with putting the same amount of effect into promoting it. Sure you have shared it to Facebook, dropped the link on your Twitter account and even maybe on your  Google+ or LinkedIN page.

But there is more you can do.

Blog Promotion ideas

This is by no means a complete list, but I think a perfect starting point to develop your promotion strategy from:

  1. Use Different Media Types – That is don’t just place the link, use images or video to promote it.
  2. Use Vine to create an intro teaser about your post.  Especially useful for Product articles.
  3. Use Instagram.  Again like Vine you can create a short video sequence or just take an image from the article and link from Instagram to your blog.
  4. Use Pinterest.  Create boards for each blog category and using an interesting image from the Blog and add the article title to the image.
  5. Use Slide Share.  Perfect for B2B.  Create intro presentation about your article and link back from the slides.
  6. Use Hashtags.  Where appropriate and targeted these can be used on many of the above platforms.
  7. Use the newly created images and videos and re-share to Facebook, Twitter etc.

There are so many interesting and creative ways you can promote your blog posts, its worth the extra effort and time.  Not all will work with your readers and some might work better then others so its important to track the results.  Take a look at my article about Google Analytics tracking.

Want to know how to drive traffic to your website also? Check out my 6 Simple free tips to increase your website traffic.



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