6 Great Tips to increase your Facebook reach

In a previous article I talked about how Facebook EdgeRank is dead  and what implications this has for Business Page owners and Facebook Marketers.   I also promised to put together some ideas on how you could get the most out of your Business Page.   Now we all love social media, but as a Business Page owner we want to use Facebook as a business tool also and that means getting our message across to the widest audience possible. The more people see our brand message then more chance we have of converting a like into a sale.

So without much further ado, here are my tips for increasing your Facebook Pages reach.

1. Get more likes on you Facebook Page.

The more likes the more potential audience you have.  So get promoting your page.  I see to many  pages that are just built and then left to their own devices.  You need to promote your page at every opportunity; make sure its on your website on every page, on your emails, business cards, in store if you have a physical location, on your other Social Media.

Now a word of caution I would advise against using agencies that promise you more likes, they are generally worthless and a waste of money.  Having 1000s or 10,000s of likes is no use if its not an audience that is relevant to your business.

Try Facebook adverts for increasing your likes.  Its pretty cheap to do a quick campaign.  Again its important that you target your Facebook Ads correctly and relvant to your business, Only operate in Germany then make sure you target only Germany.  You can segment your ad audience further so a Dive centre should run ads to Facebook users who have interests that include PADI, Scuba Diving, SSI, SDI etc.   You can do this easily using the interests filter on the Ad manager.  Stay Tuned for a article about this.

Got a mailing list?  then check out this article about uploading contact lists to Facebook

Before you start building likes though, check out the next tip as this will help.

2. Post Awesome content.

If you post great content then users are more likely to like your page, and of course once they have liked it and see your great content in their News Feeds they are more likely to engage with your page.

So what is great content?  Well take a look at your News Feed, I bet the posts that stick out are the ones that are visually appealing.   So quality images are a must not only do they stick out from our every filling News Feeds but they also tend to tend to get the most comments, likes & shares.  These comments, likes & shares then increase not only your pages engagement value in the Facebook algorithm but they also help get your posts and brand seen by more people.  Its important to review you page and you Facebook Insights to see what is successful and what isn’t, there is no point generating content that you might think is great but you Fans don’t like.  Remember its a business tool and not a personal account.

3.Encourage Engagement with your posts.

So now you’re posting great, video, photo or blog content (with an awesome image) but you are still not seeing that increase in comments or shares that you thought you’d get after doing tip 2.  Well this is were tip 3 comes in.  You need to encourage engagement with your posts.  This is very simple.  Very simple.   Instead of just posting up a great photo of a Turtle and waiting for the likes you also want to add a question – Have you ever seen a Turtle on a dive?  Now your page fans will also comment.  Now to take that to the next level you would post a photo of a turtle with a question and link it to a blog article or webpage.


Now you’re using engaging content to drive business opportunities, simple isn’t it?

4. Keep Posts short.

Facebook only displays a limited amount of text before it adds a read more link to expand your post.  So try get your message dialled so all the important information and the link appear in the unexpanded view.  If i’ve scrolling down my News Feed I may not click on the Read More link so that means the important part of your message is lost.  If you have a lot of text, try and rework it to keep it short and it might be better to spin the longer text into a blog article and link to that.   Google the internet acronym TL DR.

5. Post Regularly.

Your Fans will never all be on line at the same time, so make frequent posts 6-10 a week.  Check your insights also as there is a handy report that tells you when most of your Fans are online.  If your Business Page has an international audience then make sure you post at times that cover all international time zones.  If you can’t post every 8-9 hours then try posting the same content spread over a week at different times.  In fact don’t ever be afraid to recycle good content at different times, its not spamming as a lot of your fans will probably not have seen the 1st post anyway.

Don’t worry if its late at night or out of business hours, you can use the schedule post function in Facebook quickly and easily.  Just click on the clock symbol on the bottom left of the status update box and add the time you require.

6. Respond to Fans as the Page.

Social Media is a 2 way conversation, don’t use Facebook to just broadcast.  Interaction with your Fans is an important tool for increasing page reach as it shows to Facebooks algorithm that you are engaging with your Fans.  Its also a great way to build a relationship with your fans.   So make sure you check the comments on posts regularly and respond to questions or just like comments that you find are worth it.  Also don’t neglect the posts by others section of your page, engaging here is very important.

These are just some quick tips anyone can implement quickly on their Facebook Business Page with minimal effort and will help you increase reach and make sure people read your posts and hopefully become your next paying customer.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments and I will try and respond to them.

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