6 Tips for Great Calls to Action on Social Media

In previous articles I’ve talked a lot about offering good and compelling content to draw users to your posts, in this article I am going to take it a step further and highlight some tips for creating great Calls to Action or CTAs as they are often called by marketing professionals.

Calls To Action can be found in anything from emails to websites or via Social Media.  It is an image or text that leads your readers to take an action.  This action could be anything from clicking a link, making a comment, attend an event, submit a competition entry.  Literally any action that you want the reader to perform.

Why are they important?  Well Social Media posts are great for building Brand identity, customer loyalty and reaching new potential customers.  But great content alone does not really bring your business much value in Social Media what we also want to do is get people involved, active and of course buying from you.   So this is where a CTA comes in, we want to include them in our Social Media posts to encourage reads to act, be it commenting on a post (Remember it will increase your engagement and reach on Facebook) or clicking on a link to your website or to sign up to an event.

So how can we create good, effective and hopefully compelling CTAs on Social Media?  Read on!

1.Know what you can offer.

Sounds simple, and it is.  Take a moment to think about what your post can offer:

  • What makes your business different from the competition?
  • What problem can you solve for your customers?
  • What does your business or product offer your target market?
  • What action do you want your customer to complete?
  • What can I do to make completing this action simple?

If you are not sure what you want the post to achieve then neither will your readers

2.State your desired action.

Be clear and precise in what you want the reader to do. Don’t assume that your readers will know what to do or what is expected of them.  Spell it our clear and Simple.

3.Use Verbs and Numbers.

Research has repeatedly shown that Verbs generate more shares/retweets and also verbs are encouraging words, they are literally grammatical Calls To Action.  Numbers have also are effective, just take a look at how many times you see top 10 lists or similar on Social Media or Blog articles.  Just check out the title of this article!

A simple CTA example would be for a post about the new snorkel you have in stock:

“Join More than 2000 divers who bought our great snorkel”

4.Keep it short.

We only have limited space in most Social Media posts anyway so its important to keep the CTAs short and snappy.   Plus the longer the CTA the less likely the reader is to follow it.  Think like a Twitter user and try and build CTAs with around 90 characters.

5.Target your Audience segments.

You business probably has many different customer segments, be it Age, Gender, or Language spoken.  One of the great things about your Facebook Business Page is that you can really target your posts at specific audiences, so you could have one CTA with language for Fans under 30 and another for over.  On Valentines day you could create two separate CTAs for Men and Women by creating two targeted posts.

6.Make it prominent and near the start.

English is read left to right so make sure you use your CTAs towards the left.  We know from the F-Pattern that users pay most attention to the left side of the content.  But also in Social Media we must remember that most people will be scanning through posts on apps quickly so we want to catch their eye with our CTAs.   There is nothing worse then a CTA being hidden behind a Read More link because the post is too long and the CTA and link have been added towards the end.  You lose a large amount of potential click throughs this way.


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