4 Tips to Make Effective Websites

I used to give a presentation entitled ‘Does your Website Work for You?’  but over time I realised that this isn’t actually the approach we should be looking at.  In fact its probably the biggest barrier to an effective website if we focus on the You.  In this article I’m going to talk about how we need to have a different mindset to create a website that is an effective business tool.4 Tips to Make Effective Websites

Does Your Website Work for your Customers?

This is probably the million dollar question.  Business owners need to have a completely different mindset.  Websites now play integral roles in the growth of businesses and as such an effective website will help grow your business.  To achieve this we need to be more customer focused.   

1. Take a step back and assess.

Take your laptop home, sit down with a tea or coffee and a note pad.  Now take a look through your site.  What do you think?   Now take a moment to think about who your target audience is, do different parts need to speak to different audiences?

Now look at your site again and ask ‘How best can I help my customers’ check the customers path to purchase. Think about the customers thought process when using your site – This will probably be the same as how you use a website yourself when looking for a Holiday, car insurance or a new TV. 

2.Understand how customers use your site.

This is important as it impacts on your successful sales conversions.   If its hard or complicated for your customers to complete a purchase then they probably won’t.  Remember web users are time poor and don’t really want to think.   Focus on key points, how many clicks on my site before a user leaves?  From a Google Results Page its often no more then 2.5 clicks deep.  Use your Analytics and see where users are dropping out, it could help you identify where there are issues with your sales funnel.

Check out the f-pattern of web reading analysis and overlay this to how your site is laid out. Use Google Analytics and Google Content Experiments to understand and optimise your site.

3.Create effective Calls To Action

Now the customers are using your site you want to encourage them to make a purchase, and this is where calls to action come in.  These need to be prominent, a big Book Now button at the top of the page in line with the F-pattern is far more effective then a small text link at the book of the page.  Remember everyone loves clicking on a big button.  Read my previous article about great calls to action, its focused on Social Media but the principles are very similar for websites.

4.Quality over Quantity.

The biggest mistake many business make at the moment is flooding the internet with far too much average content.  Focus on quality as this provides far more value to your customers.  Assess your text, images and video.  One good picture on a page does far more then 4 or 5 average ones.   This is also a maxim for your Blog, instead of trying to generate articles every day it is much better to generate quality content less frequently.   The truth is nowadays people don’t follow blogs, they read articles and thats an important distinction.     Even just one great blog post a month could make a huge impact if its quality.   If you can write a great article every other day then thats amazing but for those that may struggle then its better to have more infrequent great articles. 7 middling articles a week may only get a handful of Likes or Shares but 1 great one might get you many many more.  Which is more effective do you think?



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