6 Simple Free Tips to Increase your Website Visitors

6 Simple Free Tips to increase your website trafficIf your business has a website then I’m sure one of the major goals of your marketing is to drive more traffic to your website.  More traffic means more opportunity to convert visitors into customers.  Below I’ve put together 6 simple tips to increase your website visitors and best of all they are totally free ways to do this, without the need to spend money on Adverts.  In fact I would recommend that you follow these tips first before spending any of your probably tight budget on Ads.

Increase your Web Traffic

1. Setup Mailing lists and send Emails.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of driving visitors to your website.  It can be used in a number of ways by you to either build Brand recognition, acquire new customers, build relationships, customer services and product support.  For many customers email is still the preferred option for communications, with over 91% of consumers accessing email daily.  With the advent of Smartphones a consumer is never far from his email, and more likely to read an email then answer a cold call.  Anyone else check their smartphone within minutes of getting up?

Make sure you are trying to capture email addresses at every opportunity, add the option to your website and blog so people can sign up.

Many small business owners I have spoken too often feel that using email to much is the same as spamming.   Simple solution.  Offer more then one email list for sign up.  Give consumers the choice!  For example have 3 lists: Newsletter, Sales Offers, New Products.   Allow the consumer to sign up to one, all or some.  This way you know that people signing up to the Sales Offers list can be approached with far more sale oriented emails then say the Newsletter group.  The subscribers to that list will also be more open to purchases then the Newsletter one.

With separate lists in place you can start to broadcast regular emails to drive visitors to your site.  You can also use these lists to simply increase your Facebook Page likes.

2.Optimise your site for mobile.

Following on from the above, if a user opens an email via their smartphone then you can certainly guarantee they will click on any links via their phone also.  If you site is not optimised you will lose visitors.  Make it easier for users to navigate your site and reduce the amount of scrolling and clicking mobile users have to do to really benefit.  Try accessing your website via mobile and see how easy it is to use.

3.Use Social Media

We already know that Social Media is a great tool for connecting with our current and future customers, but its also a great tool for driving visitors back to your website.  Always try and include a link back to you website on any social media post.  No matter what platform you are posting on be it Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest adding a relevant link back to your site will mean you fans or followers not just see the content you post, but also hopefully click the link back to your site and start their journey to becoming a customer.

Not only that but its also great for your Search Engine optimisation!

Here are a few examples of how it can be done

In this Tweet you can also see another trick thats worth using, instead of linking directly to the Youtube video I have created an article on my site and link to that.

4.Search Engine Optimisation

Making sure your website appears in search results is one of the most fundamental ways of gaining more traffic to your website.  If pages on your website are optimised for users search requests then you will get more people clicking through to your website.  For instance if you have a page offering beginner dive courses in Zurich, does this page actually mention Zurich at all?  For a local business not having your location in the SEO markers on page is a sure fire way of losing potential traffic.

Read my simple Search Engine Optimisation guide to learn exactly what you need to be doing.

5.Image search optimisation

Okay so this should be covered in tip number 4, but I thought it better to have it as a separate item.  Why?  Well all the search engines have an image search option and a lot of users do image searches, maybe to see what an item looks like that they are considering buying.  If you optimise your images the chances are they will appear higher in the results, and if a user is looking for pictures of a new product sees an image from your site they might click through.

Here is an example from Google Images, notice how it has a Visit page button.

google image search optimisation


If you read my SEO optimisation guide then you will see that you can optimise the ALT text and image file name to benefit you ranking.  Also make sure you optimise images for size and quality as well, large file sizes are a no-no which leads me directly on to my final tip.

6.Make sure you site is fast

We all hate it when a website takes for ever to load, don’t we?  In fact studies have found that over half of users think that for ever means as little as 3 seconds.  Thats right 3 seconds and users leave your site.  With the under 24s this goes down to 2 seconds.   Not only users hate slow sites, but so do Search Engines, and a slow site can affect your ranking even if you are doing all the optimisation well.

The easiest way to improve site speed is to keep the design simple, not too many images and the images you do have should be optimised to have a small file size.  Never use a large image and then use HTML or CSS to adjust the size as a browser will still load the full image first then resize it.  Try to keep menus simple, and don’t use Flash or have lots of widgets running.

You can check you page speed using the handy Google Page Speed insights tool


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