Social Media Image sizes – A guide

One of the trickiest parts of Social Media is getting the image sizes right.   As time passes more and more networks are resizing images we post to fit, even when we post links to blog articles or web pages.  But gone also are the days when we could use one image for all our Social Media.  Images are important in Social Media so its important that we have great images that appear correctly in our Social Media to achieve maximum impact and of course engagement.

This is a quick reference guide for image sizes as they currently stand (they are always changing so I will endeavour to update this guide)

Social Media Image Size Guide

All sizes given in pixels.

Facebook Image Sizes

  1. Cover Photos – 851W x 315H
  2. Profile picture – 180W x 180H  Facebook resizes this to 160×160
  3. Custom Tab images – 111W x 74H
  4. Images displayed in Posts – 470W x 394H  images with are tall will be scaled to max height and horizontal images to max width.  In the case of tall images this leaves a lot of white space to the right.
  5. Pasted links – 470W x 246H so make sure your blog articles featured image scales to this dimension, anything smaller will be cropped to 154 x 154 with the image appearing to the right of the link and taller images cropped.
  6. Page post Photo Ad – 1200W x 1200H
  7. Page post Video Ad – 1200W x 675H
  8. Page Post Link Ad – 1200W x 627H minimum size 560W x 292H
  9. Offer Ad – 1200W x 627H minimum size 400W x 209H
  10. Event Ad – 1200 x 450 minimum size 560W x 210H
  11. Mobile Ap Ad 1200W x 627H

Google+ Image Sizes

  1. Cover image – 2120W x 1192H Max and  480W x 270W minimum
  2. Profile image – 270 x 270 this displays as a circle so make sure your logo clearly displays in this circle
  3. Posted images – 2048 x 2048 images need to be at least 497W  for best results
  4. Posted link images – Need to be at least 506W Google automatically resizes another suggestion is 500 x 500 is ideal

Twitter Image Sizes

  1. Cover image – 400 x 400 
  2. Profile image – 1500W x 500H
  3. In stream Preview – 440W x 220H

Pinterest Image Sizes

  1. Board cover – 222W x 227H
  2. Profile image – 165 x 165
  3. Pinned image – 554W but height is open and taller images stick out more in stream

LinkedIn Image Sizes

  1. Profile Image – 500 x 500 ideal size, not smaller then 200 x 200 and images over 4000W will not be uploaded
  2. Cover photo – 646W x 220H
  3. Shared link – 180W x 110H


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