4 Different ways to Promote Your Social Media

We all have Social Media, other forms of Digital Marketing and of course what I might call Old School Marketing.  One thing many people don’t have is all these linked and working together. In this article I want to look at a few simple ways you can cross promote your Digital Marketing and Social Media.  One area that I will cover is events and trade shows, I know that for many small businesses that these are important parts of your marketing – in fact I know many larger businesses that also put a lot of weight on them.

Joined up Marketing

Consider that the consumer is isn’t going to spend much time looking around for your business, in fact they will spend most of the time looking at a product and then finding a business that sells it.  One of the questions I get asked the most is how do I get more people to like my page, sign up for newsletter or view my website.  One of the simple answers is increase you visibility.  I have seen far too many websites where Social Media and Newsletters are only promoted on 1 page or after lots of scrolling at the bottom of the page.  So my first tip is a great way to increase visibility in areas you may not have thought of, but are simple and easy.

  1. Add your Social Media to your auto emails – I see a lot of businesses have an enquire now option, where generally the enquirer gets an auto-response  email back saying we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Now we know that this potential customer is interested in a product or service you provide, so while they are waiting give them the option to explore your business a bit more.  Make sure all your social media and a link to your website are added to this email.  In fact every email your business sends out should have them on, from general customer service emails and newsletters to ones from individual staff.
  2. Add your Social Media to your Company branding – Again so customers and potential customers can connect with you on Social Media make sure all your Social Media and Website links are added to you banners, brochures and business card.  Particularly if you are attending events.  You can also use QR codes to make this connection quick and simple for customers with smart phones at an event.   Check out ZXing for a great QR code generator that gives you lots of options.
  3. Add your Social Media where customers are – If you’re at an event or show make sure you have prominent signs asking users to like your page.  In store have something by the counter or a sticker on the door.  I know a lot of businesses in the Dive travel industry offer free Wifi, add a call to action to your free Wifi sign asking them to like your Facebook page.  Its simple and effective.  Who knows they might even start sharing great stories about your business to their friends there and then.  Either using QR codes or simple Social Media usernames.
  4. Encourage Social Media interaction at events and shows – At any show or event you have a great opportunity to connect directly with customers there and then in this smartphone age.  But don’t just rely on the more passive approaches detailed above.  Interactivity is a great way to start fostering a relationship with potential customers, don’t let them just walk away with a brochure.  There are a number of ways to do this, the simplest is running a contest or sweepstake at the show or event, you can use your Social Media to facilitate this.  You can go for the very basic, offering visitors a discount or giveaway for Liking or following you on that day.  You can find out which users signed up on that given day easily on most Social networks.  But my recommendation would be to invest a little bit of extra effort and set up a proper contest.  There are a number of great 3rd party apps and tools that you can use and I would personally recommend checking out Offerpop or Shortstacked.  Finally, be creative!  Something I have found works well, is to create a fun photo opportunity.  Either have a fun background or something the users have to hold and take a photo (Selfies are very ontrend) upload these to your Facebook page as an album and encourage the visitors to you stand to like your page and tag themselves and get as many likes from their friends, the one with the most likes at the end of the event gets a prize.  The limits are your imagination.

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