Getting Your Business Started on Instagram

Instagram continues to grow since its launch in 2010 and is one of the leading image sharing networks in the social sphere. It has over 200 Million active monthly users who have uploaded over 20 Billion images since launch and not just Cat photos or images of their lunch.

The most interesting fact is that unlike many US centric Social networks over 65% of its users are from outside the US.  In fact in many markets where we tend to think English based Social networks like Twitter have very low penetration Instagram is one of those that is growing particularly in Russia and the Middle East.

To my mind it’s a great proposition for brands to get involved.  For those new to Instagram here are some tips on getting started:

  1. Download the APP  – Android | iPhone
  2. Choose your Account Name – Use your business name or if already taken, then something that is very easily connected to your name.
  3. Profile Photo – Use you brands logo or an easily identifiable graphic.  The image will appear as a circle and will be 150 x 150 px in size.  Test it to make sure the full design is visible.
  4. Consider your posting strategy – What is your goal? Reach new customers, increase awareness or sell certain products.  Try and focus on one or two.
  5. Create high quality content – Take time to creative quality content and work along a theme.  Check out what other brands or competitors are doing to ascertain what you need to do.
  6. Posting Content – It’s all about quality images, so try and keep captions short and interesting.  Incorporate hashtags, and as I mention in the linked post try and keep these down in number to 2-3.   Ask Questions to drive engagement.
  7. Engage outside your profile – Use hashtags, location and searches to find other users images of your brand or industry and like and comment on these to help drive engagement with your brand.  I have also found this is a great way to gain new followers simply.
  8. Use Tools – Sign in with interfaces like or to simplify searches, commenting and liking of other users content.

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