Integrating Social Media With Your Email Marketing

Even though Social Media has taken some of the limelight away from email Marketing, it has certainly not killed it off like many would like to believe. In fact email marketing is still very much alive and very effective.  Lots of businesses use both email and Social Media, but many treat these as separate channels often with separate teams or departments having ownership.  To leverage maximum effect from both channels businesses should be looking to integrate both.

The aim of any marketing message is to reach the widest possible audience, and integrating your email with Social Media gives the marketer the opportunity of extending your emails reach and us marketers all want more reach don’t we?

So how do we integrate Social Media in our emails? 

The following tips are simple and quick to implement for any email campaign you plan (in fact some of these tips should be implemented on every email your business sends)

Add Social Media Icons

Make sure that you include links to all your Social Media presences on every email you send.  Yes every email, be it a newsletter, sales promo, customer services response – even the automated emails that are generated by a web contact form.  This means that every recipient is aware of your Social Media and can follow or like you simply.

Enable Social Sharing

The next step after getting users to like or follow you is to use the power of Social Media to get users to share your email content.  Enabling social sharing via buttons on your emails so users can simply share your content, offers or promos to their personal networks.  But beware people don’t just share anything so your content needs to be good and share worthy – if it’s not good why are you sending it anyway?

Use Social Media to determine email content

As mentioned above getting your content shared, means producing content that is of interest to your users.  But it’s not just about share worthiness, it’s also about effective emails. If your emails are just ignored then your message is not getting out there and you are wasting the effort. How do you produce good, interesting and relevant content?  Simple ask your audience.  Use your insights to find what is popular on you Social Media.  Give your recipients content that engages them and in turn they will be more receptive to your email marketing and more likely to share.

 Cross Promote

If you are running a contest or deal on Facebook then also promote it in your emails to drive new fans to your page.  The same is true about offers or contests that are exclusive to your emails, trail them on Social Media to encourage new email subscribers.  Once an email goes out you can share the online version to your Social Media channels just like you are sharing your social via the email, this is a great way to showcase your emails and gather new subscribers.  Don’t forget you can just simply ask, just like having all your social links in the emails don’t be afraid to promote email signup on your social channels.

Remember it’s all about reach, getting more people to see, open, read, click and share your email content.  More engagement with your content means better chances of conversion.

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