9 Tips to fine tune your Social Media

Are your social media posts being lost in the masses?  Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

You probably feel that getting noticed on social media is getting harder, and in truth it probably is.  There are so many competitors vying for our short attention spans out there.  Fear not, all hope is not lost; its just more important then ever to have a fined tuned and active social presence.

Want to know how to keep ahead of the pack?  Grab your fans attention with these 15 tips:

1. Optimise your profile and cover images – They are often the first thing people will see.  Make sure your branding sticks out.  Each different social media platform has its own dimensions to work with, some are round and some are square.

2. Optimise your profile / about text – Its often the 1st thing people read about your brand so make sure it speaks to your audience, talk to them directly.

3. Post regularly – The more you post the more likely your updates are to be seen.  Its easy for users to miss one post a week in their streams.

4. Deliver great posts – Now you’re posting more you need to make sure the posts deliver great value.  The most important thing is variation; think of a couple of 4-5 themes (this could be as simple as, Offer post, Marketing post, Information post, Fun post, how to post).  Theres plenty of great content out there you can share and put you’re own spin on.

5. Get Social –  Thats what social media is all about, connecting with people and having conversations, not just posting your own things up.  Its also the best way to learn how to reach your audience on a platform by actually using it.  Follow, subscribe or connect with any relevant company or individual, join industry or interest groups.  Take part!

6. Get Personal – Don’t just hide behind your brand, social media users love to know about other peoples lifes.  Introduce the real people behind the page and bring personal experiences to your posts they will resonate much more because of it.

7. Everyone loves attention – Its a simple truth, we all love our 15mins of fame, so give it to your fans.  Mention them, share their posts to a wider audience, thank them personally or ask them to contribute.

8. Become an information hub – Become an information curator, distributing links, videos, articles, images and more from other places that are relevant to your fans.  It helps show you as an expert in your field.   This is also a great way to help you with suggestions 3 & 4.

9. Be on Trend – Use real world events or subjects, especially if they are also trending on social media.  Its what people are talking about already.  You can also plan ahead and for major events such as holidays or sporting events or events specific to your industry.   Don’t forget to hashtag accordingly.

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