Master Facebook Ads with Power Editor

Facebook ads can be super effective, especially for small businesses particularly in the leisure industry.   But once you start using Facebook ads for your page, you will start to notice that there are some limitations.  Especially if you wish to create a number of ads in one go or you start finding you wish you could do more advanced targeting. If until now you have been creating your Facebook ads using the Facebook website, then read on.

What is Power Editor?

If you access your ad account as normal you will notice on the left hand menu am item called Power editor. facebook power editor

This is basically a Google Chrome plugin (that means it only works with Google’s Chrome web browser).   Which downloads all your Ads Manager data and allows you to create ads within the editor which have to be uploaded again before your ads can run. Download and upload?  Sounds like extra work!  True but the advanced features it unlocks are definitely worth the tiny bit of extra effort, its awesomely successful ads we want to make after all.

facebook power editor screen

You’ll notice it looks different to the normal Ads Manager, but its very easy to pick up and start enjoying the benefits without to much new learning.

Why should I use Power Editor?

Power Editor is feature rich and offers much more then the normal Ads Manager.  In fact whenever Facebook launch new features to ads overall they appear here before rolling out to the normal Ads Manager.

So what are these great features that you can benefit from?

Run ads on a Schedule – Here you can choose to run ads during certain hours of the day only, so if you know (from Facebook insights) most of your audience are online 5-9pm then you can set the ads to only show during these times for maximum effect.  Though currently you are only able to do this within your timezone, so remember to take this into account.

Ad Placement Control – Choose where you ad will appear, especially if you are running ads on a mobile device you can choose to only select iOS devices if your app is not available on Android.  If running video ads then you can select only over Wifi (users hate having their data limits eaten up by ads!)

facebook power editor ad placement

Optimisation and Pricing – Here there is only one small difference compared to Ad Manager where you can also optimise for clicks, post engagement or impressions and that is editor gives you an extra level of granularity in that it always you to set impressions to Daily unique reach.  This means your ad will only be shown once a day to someone.  Not only does this stop users getting overloaded with your ad (which a certain company I know has been doing recently with their ads) but also it does not give you a false idea of actual impressions and if you are paying by impression then a lower cost rate as there is far less repetition of the ad to users who are not interested.

Unpublished Posts – There are two advantages with this function.  First of all you don’t need to go to your page publish a post and then go to Ad Manager and select it as an ad, you can post it as an ad directly here.  The second advantage is that you can use this to do some great split testing or create multiple niche posts as ads that won’t all appear on your page feed.   When you create a post here you also have the advantage of being able to ad the call to action buttons available via ads. (Please never use click here as a CTA!)

Bulk Upload and Download – A great tool for the advanced user who has lots of ads running.  You can download all your ads to a spreadsheet and update them all and just upload the spreadsheet.  Super users will love this as its much quicker then going through the user interface to update lots of ads.

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