Facebook’s new Audience Network

Facebook launched its new rival to Googles Display Network last year, to help advertisers reach more of the right by people by extending Facebook ads into other mobile apps.

Though its still not as mature or with the same reach as Googles offering, Facebook is slowly working up the tool for publishers and I expect it to follow GDN pretty closely.
But there are some subtle difference between the two networks and what they can achieve for advertisers, lets take a look at some of the important points:

1. Branding  – One of the advantages of Facebook’s network is that Ads have the proven asset of social proof in that you can see which friends’ liked a brand or product where as with Google you can only start to build on your brand trust once they click through to your site.  Facebook ads also offer a much larger array of media and styles of ad you can create to instantly create an impression
2. Targeting – Google is all about what the user is currently searching or doing but more detailed information about the user is missing.  Facebook on the other hand has its wealth of social data at your disposal.  This lets advertisers really target their ad based on a wide range of interests, locations and demographic data.  You can really fine tune your ad audience to drive really specific campaigns.
With so many options available on Facebook it does make the initial set up of campaigns a lot more time and thought consuming then Google but time invested in this (as with ads on any platform) really brings rewards.   This brings me to another advantage of Facebook, the ability to demo your ads is much better the anything currently on Google.

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