4 Factors leading to Digital Transformation success

Digital Transformation is a term we hear a lot about and depending on who you ask seems to mean different things to different people.

It’s often thought of as a process of digitising traditional channels and digitalisation of business practises. But these are just elements of the overall journey of digital transformation.

I think it is important to understand what Digital transformation is not, and that is simply replicating existing channels or processes by making them digital. In fact, it’s probably the number 1 reason I feel that leads to failed transformation projects.

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3 Reasons your Brand needs Social Media Analytics

As brand marketers we have long understood the value of Social Media marketing to engage with our customers not just by offering great value through awesome content but also as a very valuable cost-effective channel for customer service.  Though we have also seen in recent times organic reach falling and putting our brands before new customers has also got harder.

I love Social Media I’m happy to admit even if it’s not that cool to say among some of my friends outside of marketing.  Though even I have stopped talking about the potential of G+, still my worst prediction in an article of digital trends for 2014 back in 2013.  Hey we can’t always be right. Continue reading “3 Reasons your Brand needs Social Media Analytics”

2016 Ecommerce trends Infographic

A look at the biggest trends in eCommerce for 2016

Ecommerce continues to grow and grow, and this great infographic shows some of the key trends for 2016.   I think the key messages are that ecommerce is now the new normal and that mobile is growing and growing and will soon surpass desktop for transactions.  The other trend also brings ecommerce into line with all other aspects of digital and that is what you can call Experience led commerce, personalisation, user experience design, localisation and using big data and analytics. Continue reading “2016 Ecommerce trends Infographic”

Googles new best practices for bloggers reviewing free products

Google has released some new guidelines that are aimed directly at bloggers who review items they received for free from companies, a growing form of native advertising for sure.  Google has already grappled with this issue on YouTube with the army of Vloggers that have been endorsing products.  So I very much agree with the need to disclose the relationship.  Where I tend not to agree is with the classification of these blog articles and the links are non-orgnanic and thus should carry nofollow tags.

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Facebook’s new Audience Network

Facebook launched its new rival to Googles Display Network last year, to help advertisers reach more of the right by people by extending Facebook ads into other mobile apps.

Though its still not as mature or with the same reach as Googles offering, Facebook is slowly working up the tool for publishers and I expect it to follow GDN pretty closely.
But there are some subtle difference between the two networks and what they can achieve for advertisers, lets take a look at some of the important points:

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Take the lead in the SEO game

Investing time and effort into Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) should be high on the lists of priorities for any brand.  It’s not just something for dedicated SEOs or the IT team, nearly every line of business has a role to play from Marketing copy writers to Product owners.

The good news is that SEO is not complicated or black magic, with a bit of knowledge content generators and owners can create and fine tune strong search engine friendly content which is also great for the user – The ultimate goal.

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Start your brands customer engagement strategy with 5 simple questions

“The individual-centered economy is already here” – IBM Digital Reinvention paper, 2014

Today’s customer is nearly always connected via mobile and social technologies that have rapidly changed the marketing landscape.  A landscape that is continually changing and putting more and more power in the hands of the individual customer.  For brands this poses many questions and forces a rethink of their existing systems of engagement and to look for new, innovative and highly personal ways to engage with their customers.

How can a brand prepare to drive customer engagement to new levels?

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